• Why GSB Cleaning Services

    GSB cleaning Services pride themselves on reliability and gaurantee a GREAT job. DBS Enchanced Certificate shown on request and we are Fully Insured for All cleaning services. We dont just clean windows, we have skills, knowledge and state of the art equipment to clean your house from top to bottom. Safely! We now use HEATED WATER AS WELL AS 100% PURE WATER, FOR FANTASTIC RESULTS.
  • What method do you use to clean windows.

    We use 100% pure water which has been filtered through a five stage filteration system, the water is then Heated straight from the van, which is  pumped to your windows via our Carbon fibre poles and the windows, frames and cills are washed with a soft brush. The pure water is left to dry for a streak free finish. All done from the safty of the ground. We also clean internal windows.
  • How often do you call?

    For windows and conservatories we can do monthly, six weekly or bi-monthly as well as one off cleans. All other services are offered to you as and when required. 
  • What about safety

    Safety is paramount... We do all High to reach work from the ground, no ladders are used so no risk of falling and no damage to the building or borders where ladders would normally be. When needed we use appropriate signage and warning cones. Method Statements and Risk Assessments are also supplied on request. 
  • What about hard to reach areas and windows.

    With our carbon fibre extendable poles, we can reach all areas, including those windows above the conservatory and velux/roof windows. We can also easily access the whole conservatory with no laddeers and all your guttering and upvc around the house. We use a High suction Industrial Gutter vac to clean gutters out. we can reach up to four stories high with this system and not a ladder in sight. We can see in the gutters though if needed with our recordable inspection camera and monitor.
  • Do you clean window sills and frames

    Yes on every visit we clean glass,frames sills and doors.
  • Do you clean windows in the rain

    Yes we clean windows in the rain, in fact in most weathers and throughout the whole year. Rain water is relatively pure so will not effect the clean.If for some reason the rain does efffect some of your windows we will come back and reclean for free as long as it is within 24hrs of our visit.