Terms & Conditions

GSB Terms & Conditions


  • By using GSB services you except our terms & conditions of trading
  • You agree to give us 4 weeks notice of termination of our service after the initial 4 clean contract.
  • Our minimum contract is 4 cleans (excluding "One off" cleans). The total price for the 4 cleans will become payable in full if you cancel our services before the 4 cleans have been completed. However if you are not satisfied with the quality of the finish please inform us within 24 hours and we will return to re-clean the effected windows, free of charge.
  • Achieving optimum cleaning results may require a few cleans. For example, detergent residues from previous traditional cleaning methods may initially cause slight spotting. leaching can also occur from trickle vents, beading and heavily soiled frames, however in most cases,this will cease after a couple of cleans, once the dirt is fully removed from the frame.
  • If your requirements change, i.e. adding additional windows to the property or changing the cleaning frequency, a new quotation may be required
  • Safety is of paramount importance to us we request that small children and pets to be enclosed in the house for the duration of the clean.
  • We always work within the content of the Health & Safety legislation, but if we deem any conditions unfit or even hazardous then work will not continue until conditions are improved
  • Any future price increases will be at our discretion, but you will be notified in writing beforehand.
  • Insurance - we are covered for public liability (£5 Million as standard)
  • If an inside clean is required, all window sills must be cleaned and awkward curtains removed before cleaning commences (price is usually twice that of the external clean )
  • If it is raining when we clean your windows and they do not dry satisfactory once the rain has stopped, we will return to re-clean the effected windows. To take advantage of this service you must inform us within 24 hours of the initial clean.
  • Any customer not providing adequate access to the rear of the property will only have the accessible windows cleaned, however they will be charged accordingly for this reduced service.
  • All due payments must be received within 14 days as requested or a £2.50 administration fee will apply, this will be added to the charge to future appointments.
  • We do not accept liability for damage caused by decorative or structural defects, or conditions at your propert/premises. Such as, but not limited to, ill fitting windows, doors, fascias, guttering, window/conservatory trims, unsecured windows and doors, leaking seals, decorative bars stuck on glass, rotting frames, flaking paint, open/broken trickle vents etc.