GSB Exterior Cleaning Services can give your home or business premises sparking clean windows. The use of our truck mounted, 100% pure water fed pole system ensures a beautiful finish without the need for chemicals.  This means that your windows stay cleaner for longer as detergents leave a residue that attracts dirt.

Whilst cleaning the glass we also ensure that window sills and frames are clean too.  Because we use soft bristle brushes we are able to remove all dirt, cobwebs and other debris.

As our poles extend we can reach all windows, including those very difficult windows that traditional window cleaners found hard to reach, such as windows over conservatories, velux or skylights … all from the safety of the ground.   This means that we reduce the need for ladders and minimize the damage that may be done to your walls, window sills and gardens where ladders would otherwise have been placed.

We also offer internal window cleaning for your home or business. 

To arrange for your windows to be cleaned please contact us on 01908 382007 or use our contact page above.


A conservatory is a beautiful and valuable asset to your home or business, creating a wonderful area to relax and entertain in. Having it regularly cleaned ensures that it not only looks its best, but also provides an environment that can be enjoyed by all. 

GSB Exterior Cleaning Services is able to efficiently and effectively wash the glass and frame of your conservatory.  The use of 100% pure water fed pole window cleaning system will ensure that the glass, and frames are not only free from dirt, moss and algae but your windows are streak free.

We are also able to provide internal conservatory glass cleaning, giving you the best possible finish.

To arrange for your conservatory to be cleaned please contact us on 01908 382007 or use our contact page above.