Pure Water Window Cleaning Technology

What is the pure water window cleaning system

We now supply HEATED pure water, all day long straight from the van at no xtra cost!! Heated water +100% purified water = FANTASTIC CLEANING RESULTS!!

Unlike ordinary tap water, the pure water fed pole method utilizes a 5 Stage Water Treatment System to produce 100% pure deionized laboratory graded water on the window with zero parts per million.

Our pure water has a TDS (total dissolved solids) reading of 000ppm (parts per million). 
The average tap water shows a TDS of 350ppm.  Although this water is safe for drinking, this water cannot be used on its own to clean your windows as it would not have the cleaning qualities of pure water.   All the impurities measured in the water would result in spotting on the glass. 

Before being fed through to the window cleaning equipment (poles), the water quality must be tested to ensure its purity.  This is tested daily using a TDS Meter which measure TDS.  As noted above, the pure water must contain zero parts of dissolved solid matter per million parts of water.

Then, and only then, do we commence cleaning your windows.  You are most welcome to ask at any time to demonstrate the TDS test!

The pure water is transported in my van to your property.  To apply pure water to your windows we use an extendable water-fed pole with a soft bristle cleaning brush on the end.  pure water is then pumped up the pole and through pencil jets in the brush head.

The pure water, with its powerful cleaning properties, rapidly softens even stubborn dirt on the window, the soft brush is used to agitate the softened dirt and the flow of pure water carries the dirt with it to the ground. 

The windows are left wet, but with no impurities in the remaining drops of pure water, remarkably they dry to a sparkling, smear free finish every time.

BUT PLEASE NOTE…. If your windows have been cleaned using the traditional "squeegee" method with water and detergent, it may take two or three cleans using our pure water to remove the build up of that microscopically thin, but very stubborn, film of detergent residue.  Don’t worry though – with two or three cleans this residue will be removed for good, leaving you with windows to be proud of every time.  Your windows will now stay cleaner for longer as there is nothing left for the dirt to stick to.

The pure water window cleaning method is just that good!  See for yourself.